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  X-cross Challenge 2016     (10-12.06.2016)

10 -12.06.2016

Xross Challenge 2016

What is Xross Challenge? Xross Challenge is a hard/extreme Enduro Race  divided into two categories . Category A is intended for experienced and impeccably ready riders, both physically and mentally,  for all  the difficult and demanding challenges which one world class race can offer. Category B is intended for riders on the middle hard enduro ride level, with the necessary experience in riding on rough terrains and it also requires riders to be in a good physical and mental shape, which is necessary in order for them to overcome the difficult terrains.

Xross Challenge race is organized in a three-day format:


   Day 1 – Prologue – a hurdle polygon race and one technically challenging ride which is  5 kilometres long

   Day 2 – Hard Enduro Race – hard and raw tracks which are 90 kilometres long

   Day 3 – Extreme Enduro Race – extremely brutal sections which are more than 40 kilometres long

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